See More Clearly....You Will Marvel and Be Astounded

Verily Mine children .. ye shall generate the strength to seek Objectivity .. to discover the Absolute Truth of the Father who lives in you.

Strive to understand My Way of God Victory .. My Truth of thine God Authority .. and My Life of Prayerful Intimacy and its reciprocal spiritual communion .. thine personal  relationship with the Universal Spirit of Life.

Seek until you find. Strive and you will conquer. Ask and it shall be opened. Become immersed by the Vestments, Values, and Virtues of the Infinite Mother Spirit.

Now .. are you partaking of the Son’s Vision .. his Verities and Volitions of Consciousness.

...and as ye find Mine Way .. Truth .. Life .. you shall become troubled to see more clearly your distortions, delusions, and distances.

When you are troubled, you will act in greater righteousness and rectitude .. you will marvel and be astounded .. and eventually you shall rule over all thine own existence.

Michael Of Nebadon


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